About Us


We are a small indie company. Our main focus is game development, but we have an interest in expanding to other types of media.

Our first game, Project: SAM is truly a lucky break for us, with all the support we received so far.

Somehow we managed to get on to a University for the Creative Arts Incubator program, which allowed us to set up a company, provided us with a offices space and connected us to people that we would never know otherwise. Throughout it we have gained experience in managing our workflows and creating documentation that helped us improve the overall process of creating games. We were also able to showcase at Guildford Games Festival, which gave us a small insight in to showcasing our work at exhibitions. 

However the biggest opportunity we got from the Incubator was knowing that, Tranzfuser competition exists. We were really lucky since it was the last year we would be able to apply, since its been 3 Years since we graduated. We received a lot of help from the local hub that is hosting us for this summer. 

We have always taken chances to get to where we are now. It somehow worked out for us. All we can say is never leave any doors unopened. Always take chances.

Our Values


Creating a fun experience is part of our mission. We like to entertain, but more so we like to be entertained. Keeping the work space fun to make sure the end product reflects that.


We are always open to new ideas. Always free to choose our direction. Everyone on the team has a say. We encourage exploration and research to new uncharted waters.


We are always looking towards the future. Dreamers at heart. Always learning along the way.